A safe, clean, healthy, and sustainable environment is not a luxury bestowed upon a privileged few; it is a right that entitles everyone on the planet to enjoy hygienic food, water, sanitation, health, wellness, and a blissful life.  Furthermore, the Foundation envisions that such a state of environment and human wellness is realized when everyone contributes their self-driven, conscious, deliberate, responsible, and sustained efforts targeted  towards advancement of  socio-environmental causes

Strategic Goals

India is a great Country, yet in many aspects of environmental protection and preservation, it lags behind others. The environmental lag has worsened over the years as the population growth, economic growth, and significant urbanization have made unprecedented demands on resources. The Foundation would focus bulk of its efforts at the outset to improve the environmental situation in India. It would then expand to globe over the years.

A Broad Roadmap to Improve the Indian Environment

To highlight and demonstrate the health dividends of pure environment and thus influence the culture and habits of Indian masses that facilitate preservation and sustenance of environment around them.

To create, change and foster a mindset in business executives, based on existing business models in global economies, which recognizes that pro-environment strategies, practices, products and services are not antagonistic to profitability; indeed these are – if implemented judiciously – synergistic.

  1. To create an advocacy group equipped with environmental knowledge and its impact on society and businesses. This group will dedicate its energy and efforts to influence policies and laws and regulations that would influence the national and state administrations in a way that it becomes harder to compromise or damage environment by any person or entity and easier to promote environmentally-friendly practices and activities. Also, to allocate resources as necessary where warranted to support these notions.
  2. To open a Global institute of Environmental Sciences that will: Offer a baccalaureate and master’s degree in environmental sciences.
    • Regularly invite global industry and academic leaders for lecture and send its faculty out of India for the same purpose.
    • Organize a global conference every year focused on improvement, preservation and sustenance of environment. This will serve as a marketplace for exchange of innovative ideas and business and social models that serve to enhance environment
    • Maintain a database of all efforts going on in India that promote or damage the cause of environmental preservation.
    • Give several awards to individuals and entities who made a significant contribution to enhancement of environment profile in India and globally.