Supporting Life & Livelihood In times of Covid-19

You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it's an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.

Rahm Emanuel

COVID19 pandemic is not only taking lives, it is also taking away livelihoods of many. In the face of this unprecedented humanitarian crisis, everything went topsy-turvy leaving people requiring to seek help from various quarters. As the positive corona cases being reported on a regular basis and the number of cases growing nationally and globally, Global Foundation for Advancement of Environment and Human Wellness has been trying to put together both resources and efforts to help the needy in these trying times. In the current context, are priorities are focused around Life, Livelihood and Hygiene. Keeping the safety of life and livelihood security in view, Global Foundation has been working to offer food and ration, sanitation aids and help secure livelihoods of marginalized communities by engaging with other like-minded organizations to put the best foot forward towards fighting the ill-effects of Covid-19. Some of the major initiatives undertaken during this period are:

Mask making and distribution:

Mask has become an essential commodity in this fight against novel corona virus. It is very critical for one to wear masks to avoid infection and it is expected that mask will be part of the new normal. As an alternative to masks made of inorganic materials, Global Foundation is promoting cloth mask (that is washable and meant for multiple use) and to support marginalized families to avail a new livelihood option in collaboration with Centre for Social Change (CSC), Noida, marginalized women are engaged in mask making.

In another effort, well-known environmentalist and advisor to Global Foundation Shri Niranjan Dev Bhardwaj ran a massive campaign to reach out to a larger section of marginalized communities including women and elderlies in and around the Gwalior region of Madhya Pradesh and equipped them with hand-made cloth masks and sanitizer. In this campaign so far, over 5000 people have received face masks and around 2000 individuals and establishments have received hand-sanitizer. This effort has specially targeted sub-urb and peri-urban areas of Gwalior and also provided sanitizer to barbar shops among other places of frequent human visitation.


Knowledge support, mentoring and resource mobilization:

Global Foundation has been part of one of largest consortium of NGOs, academic institutions, private companies and individuals known as COVID Action Collab (CAC) formed to fight the ill-effects of Covid19 collectively in India. The Collaborative is ideated by the Catalyst Group, a social impact platform with significant experience in social and economic development as well as humanitarian emergencies.

Leveraging its presence across various forums and its network with various resource centres including funding agencies, Global Foundation liaised with multiple grassroot organizations to help them secure support from appropriate places to undertake activities pertaining to corona relief. And also facilitate planning and execution of other covid-19 relief programmes to support other agencies.

Food and Ration:

As the lock-down was imposed in an attempt to contain the contagion, a large population of migrants including daily wage labourers and menial workers among others got stuck across various parts of the country. On behalf of Global Foundation Dr Pranab J Patar was closely involved in the Roti Sewa Campaign of Noida that offered Roti (Indian Bread) to thousands of stranded people for 57 days uninterrupted with the help of Noida Authority and Dr Patar also helped mobilize grains and other food items (including wheat, rice and pulses) and distribute them to the needy in collaboration with a few residential colonies of Noida.

Recognizing Corona Warriors:

This crisis has given an opportunity to serve the needy and it was quite evident across various parts of the world. The way people have come forward to help their fellow humans and be of assistance that was really unprecedented. Even those seemingly less empowered too have gone out of the way to help others. Global Foundation has been recognizing such unsung heroes and corona warriors those who have shown leadership and unwavering conviction and at times single-handedly executed various initiatives to support the needy, feed the hungry including stray animals and support livelihoods.