Partnerships and Collaborations

Global Foundation is constantly on the lookout for synergic partnerships & collaboration that compliment the foundation expertise, to develop practical & effective solutions, to complex social environmental problems. The Partners & collaborators are drawn from National & International set of like minded individuals & entities.

Partnerships & Collaborations

Knowledge partnerships/events

– Smart Cities India Expo
– World Water Forum
– Global Sustainable Development Summit
– International Conference on Sustainability Education ICSE
– World Environment Summit (ESDACON)
– Industrial Water Treatment & Management Summit
– POP Summit (Protect Our Planet Movement)


– UN GLobal Compact
– FAO Mountain Partnerships
– Future of Tourism Coalition
– IUCN #NatureForAll Campaign
– Covid Action Colab
– Earth Charter

Select partnerships are

Deepor Conservation and Development Society – a special committee formed under the chairmanship of Hon’ble Chief Minister of Assam to bring order towards the conservation efforts of Deepor Beel – an wetland of international importance recognized by the RAMSAR Convention situated near the city of Guwahati in Assam. The CEO of Global Foundation Dr Pranab J Patar serves in this society as a member of the governing body.


Prof MVSS Giridhar of Centre for Water Resources, Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University (JNTU), Hyderabad and the Global Foundation are working together to promote eco-technology-based solutions for conservation of water resources. The Global Foundation and JNTU has collaborated towards lake restoration work by using Sub Surface Horizontal Flow Constructed Wetland and Floating Islands; and improvised Rain Water Harvesting to recharge ground water aquifers and address ground water contamination issues.

Environment Law and Development Foundation

The Environment Law and Development Foundation is a charitable organization set up under the aegis of the Enviro Legal Defence Firm. It is essentially the research and training arm of the enviro legal sector, whilst the law firm pursues issues through litigation, either through victim-lead cases or public interest litigation (PIL). It is believed that the existence of both organizations would be highly beneficial in addressing environmental challenges in India for the reasons mentioned above. ELDF and Global Foundation are working together on a number of field based intervention pertaining key environmental aspects.


Mountain ecosystems are one of the most fragile ecosystems in the world, which is under tremendous pressure for a number of factors. CHINAR, which is a Non Profit Organization based in the Indian Himalaya and engaged in applied research & development, environmental education and capacity development related to sustainable mountain ecosystems. Global Foundation and Central Himalayan Institute for Nature and Applied Research – CHINAR work together in the Indian Himalayan state of Uttarakhand to promote community-based conservation for sustainable development in the mountains by upscaling livelihoods options through value addition in agriculture and rural tourism sectors.


A leading grassroot organization operating in the south western region of Assam providing community-based solutions to a number of social and environmental problems since last two decades. The organization has been working with a mission “to empower rural community, particularly underprivileged and women to take control over social institutions, thereby create a society where these people can live with dignity. Shortly known as GVM was founded 1999 by local social entrepreneur Prithibhusan Deka. Besides various other major activities in the agriculture and livelihood sector, GVM routinely carries out rescue and relief work in 120 flood-affected villages each year, being a major pillar of support to over 60,000 people. GVM and Global Foundation are collaborating on to explore emerging as well as alternative technologies to promote sustainable agriculture and sustainable rural development.


Municipal solid waste is a significant problem, particularly in developing countries that lack sufficient infrastructure and useable land mass to process it in an appropriate manner. Right now, most of this waste is simply dumped – creating a health hazard and an environmental time bomb from greenhouse gas emissions, polluting leachates, and plastics choking the oceans. The Global Foundation and Waste Impact to explore unique waste management solutions together. These two organizations wish to promote the idea of attracting heterogeneous talent and great minds that will enable brilliant learning environment to nurture start-up ideas.