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Who Are We?
Why Are We Here?

Friends, we are a brand new, and if you permit a little presumptuousness, a novel organization dedicated to the cause of environmental preservation and enhancement in India and in the world. Of course, the scope of our mission expands beyond environment. We envision that the advancement in the state of environment must serve a larger purpose. Our efforts to improve the environment must necessarily translate into mitigating the illnesses and infirmities germinating from air- and water-borne pollutions. 

We are aware that countless people and entities have dedicated themselves to the cause of environment and health and continue to do so today with absolute sincerity. Yet, the environmental situation has progressively grown worse year after year. We believe that we need to have a fresh, novel, and indeed a unique approach to tame this beast.  Tall claim though it seems, this is exactly what this Foundation intends to do. Here is a sampling of the uniqueness in our approaches and methodologies: 

Expertise in Designing and implementing
Synergistic Models of Business Strategies:

Our core differentiation from other environmental entities is in the way we plan to redefine the role of business in this complex environmental equation. So far, businesses are perceived to be the major polluters of environment. Our solution methodologies and strategies would seek to transform this role – from polluter to savior. We believe that, with judicious reformulation and renovation of business strategies, we can knock out the old notion that stipulates that companies engaging in production of environmentally better products and services inevitably face serious erosion in profits and even extinction. On the contrary, the Foundation has decades of expertise and experience to design and implement environmentally friendly strategies that are not at cross-purposes with profits; instead, they are synergistic. The Foundation, with its three decades of experience in US academia and industry, is poised to transform the current mindset of business executives through seminars, symposia, training and consultancies to obtain a synergistic alignment between profits, environment, and CSR – the so called Triple Bottom Line paradigm of performance. It is noteworthy that the TBL strategies are considered responsible for revival of American and West European economies after the financial debacle of 2007-8 and Indian executives would do well to learn these ropes in order to compete in these advanced economies in not too distant a future.

Redesigning Environmental Operations
and Supply Chains:

The Foundation would deploy its three decades of expertise in designing operations and supply chain strategies and supply chain models like Economic Order Quantity and Newsvendor models serve the environmental goals of businesses to obtain reduction in operational costs, thinning of supply chains, and improved customization of products focused on environmental outcomes. Strategies like Mass Customization will play a stellar role in accomplishing this objective, where the Foundation would have access to the wisdom of someone of the stature of experts from MIT, beyond its own.

Significantly Greater Involvement and Interactions
with US Environmental Institutions and Markets:

The Foundation would employ its considerable knowledge, skills, expertise and networking capacity in the United States, Germany, and India to bring in the latest environmental and health related technologies, methodologies, processes and systems.  Similarly, great innovative solutions developed by the Foundation will find friendly home in foreign outlets. This would allow a larger proportion of people and resources seeking environmental solutions and delivering competitive advantage to Indian resources and products.

Institution of Higher Learning:

The Foundation plans to build and perpetuate an Institute of Planet, People, and Profitability that would serve as a leading academic entity of significant international stature. Apart from awarding globally esteemed master’s degrees in Environmental Sciences and CSR, its faculty (and students) would conduct and disseminate top class research, engage in designing, developing and delivering world class courses, and participate in  community/professional services that lead to better environment and health of people. It would also organize an annual world class conference that would attract and engage the very best scholars and practitioners to share their seminal work. Many environment and health related awards, that we hope would assume a coveted stature, would be given and funded for the excellence and innovativeness of ideas behind them.

Exchange of International Faculty, Scholars,
Students and Programs:

The Foundation Chair and its team with over three decades of service in U.S. business schools including Purdue University, Case Western Reserve University, University of Michigan, Grand Valley State University (a leading green university) and IIT Delhi is well equipped to engage in and bring about several exchange programs and activities for mutual benefits.

Excellence in Publications:

For entities of global stature, especially the institutions of higher learning, publishing their innovative research and findings in top journals and other outlets brings extraordinary elevation in their stature and esteem. It also opens channels for far greater inflow of resources and experts. The Foundation Chair, having published over 250 articles, many of those in top journals and having served in ranking editorial capacities on nine journals, brings expertise and connectivity to publish in top world-class journals. We hope this would lift IIT D’s ranking significantly over the years to come.

Well, dear friends and colleagues, you would agree that we have a niche that is not shared by other environmental entities. We bring a unique amalgam of capabilities from India and abroad and we challenge business to embrace a supportive role for environment.  We implore you to stand with us in our endeavors, lofty and sometimes unreachable as they may be and support us till the Foundation comes to full bloom. Please accept grateful thanks from the bottom of the hearts of the Foundation team.

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