Strategic Values and Goals

Strategic Goals

India is great country; yet in many aspects of environmental protection and preservation, it lags behind others. The environmental lag has worsened over the years as the population growth, economic growth, and significant urbanization have made unprecedented demands on resources. The Foundation would focus bulk of its efforts at the outset to improve the environmental situation in India. It would then expand to globe over the years.

Key Objectives

  • To bring in sustainable solution towards climate and environmental challenges for larger
    good including human wellness through capacity development and technological
  • To formulate pro-environment and pro-people strategy under Triple Bottom Line paradigm
    i.e. Planet, People and Profit.
  • To work through multi-stakeholder approach to encourage and help individuals,
    communities, businesses, healthcare system and government departments to promote
    environmentally better products and services.
  • To measure and evaluate quality of environment friendly business operations for the best
    practices and equal benefit sharing by quality testing for better quality control and
    sustainable environmental services.
  • To support community based and participatory conservation efforts through sustainable
    livelihood and rural enterprise development
  • To work closely with corporations under Corporate Social Responsibility for effective
    delivery of environmental projects.

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