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Global Foundation for Advancement of Environment and Human Wellness (The Foundation)
is an organization with a difference committed to bring in innovative and enduring solutions to some of the key socio-environmental challenges through multi-stakeholder, trans-disciplinary and hands-on approach.

Founder and Chair, Dr. Ashok Kumar, Invited as Special Guest at ICSE 2019

Founder and Chair, Dr. Ashok Kumar was invited as an “Eminent Dignitary and Key Speaker” for the International Conference on Sustainability Education -2019. The conference was dedicated to the fourth sustainable development goal (Education) of the United Nations. 

In addition to delivering a presentation on “Transforming Business Education at MBA/Masters Levels to Advance the Planet’s Sustainable Development Goals,” Professor Kumar served as head of the 2nd plenary session panel: Sustainability Education and Experiences and also served as a member of concluding plenary session panel of the conference.

What is The Foundation?

The Foundation’s overall edifice is built on three conceptual pillars that can bring about a positive change in global environmental standards individually and collectively. These pillars are: the people, business, and the government.

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Learn more about the foundation’s projects and activities involving biodiversity conservation, fresh water management, mountain sustainable development, climate action and more.

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